Virtual 3D/2D Production Department for Ad Agencies

reduce costs by up to 50%
trusted by leading agencies


It is like having a group of 3D designers, illustrators, motion designers and digital producers right in your office in the next room. Instantly available, no fuss with administration.


No more production headaches

Talent, talent, talent

We hunt up young geniuses and keep know-it-all veterans, so that we have an unparalleled team of illustrators, motion designers, 3D artists and digital producers working for you in a perfect symbiosis.

On Time

Have an impossible deadline? We assign multiple production teams for your project. Need just a small asset for a pitch? Want to see your idea visually? You got it minutes.

Instant communication

We sit virtually to the room next to you. All day during at least 9-5. So if anything pops up we’ll instantly be there for you. Our client hub collects all assets, comments and messages so you and your team will be always up to date.

Double your profit

EVERY estimate we submit STARTS at 50% less than UK production costs and because we have fine-tuned our production process down to a replicable science, we are able to deliver estimates within 1 hour after receiving the brief or script!

Recent Works


I wanted to extend my thanks and congratulations on the delivery of our projects. Turnaround time was only a third of what we would usually expect. Thanks for the great jobs lets get on with the next one.

James Mollard, Managing Director, VCG Catapult

So glad we found these guys... Talented team who appreciate a deadline shouldn't compromise creativity. A talented team who we can always depend on to deliver quality creative.

Kirstin Wilson- Jorge, Senior Account Manager, Clinic

I have worked with Lucky Stuart on moving image and CGI projects for three years now, and they have consistently delivered on brief, budget and schedule. Their project management and process is good and once the brief is clarified they work quickly and accurately and are easy to deal with.

Duncan West, Commercial Director, Founded

We have just completed an origination and animation project with Lucky Stuart and are very pleased with the results. They work quickly and to a high standard and are both collaborative and accommodating.

Victoria Diez Clemente - Head of Project Management, VCCP Health

Lucky Stuart always do an amazing job for us, usually on an urgent deadline! They are always very accommodating and willing to help us out, going the extra mile to make sure the job is spot on for what we need, which is why we go back time and time again.

Rosie Morgan-Bellamy - Producer, Zero Degrees West

What are you dreaming of?

How can we make your 3D/2D production dreams come true?

Integrating our production kung fu into your client’s marketing mix is already a smart move.
But what if Lucky Stuart and his gang of cyber entertainers had something special to offer every member of the team?

Thanks to Lucky Stuart I can dream up concepts that matter like swirly rainbows and splashy swirls. If the brief says trim and make bigger, who am I to argue?
Art Director
I’m not snoozing! I’m relaxing in the knowledge that all is well because Lucky Stuart never sleeps (or pesters me with requests for leave on deadline days). Note to creative team - “trim logo and make beard bigger.
Creative director
Here, have a lucky packet loaded with peace of mind for every member of your team! Fantastic! Upselling is fun again and I’m winning new clients like there’s no tomorrow!
I want my campaign under budget, on target, and I want it to “go viral” yesterday. Also, I want my logo made bigger.
Writing a sizzling script a day instead of long reams of boring jargon quiets the voices and keeps the nightmares away. BTW, shouldn’t it be “trim the beard and make the logo bigger?
Copy Writer
My client is thrilled with the new curly logo, my agency is world famous and the creatives have never been this nice to me. Lucky Stuart, where have you been all my life!
Account Executive
Here is what to expect: